Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pea Head

on deviantART
If you're my friend and it's your birthday in the summer holidays when I have sackloads of time, this happens. I spend one of my mornings staring at multiple photos of your face in an attempt to draw you something nice. It only looks a little like her and I ran out of space on the page to make her hair long enough but it will do.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

"You may rise to find the sun"

I got into uni! And now I am really worried. I was so ready for this but now I feel I am really not. What's probably going to happen is I'll get there with all my stuff and sit down and cry for a week until lectures start and I actually have to start learning things again. Anywho.
One Ring: Mordor
t-shirt: H&M
bag: 'Made in Italy'
shorts: Peacocks
socks: Next
boots: Safiya

Aren't these little shorts the cutest? I'd been looking round for some ultra-comfortable loose shorts for summer, but was reluctant to spend £20 on them, but then I found these in Peacocks for less than £7. They feel like pyjamas, and because they're shorts, I can roll around in them without flashing any unfortunates who happen to be around.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Badge collection

In one of my drawers there is a medium-sized black box sitting quietly in the corner. Every now and again, this box is gently tipped upside-down onto the bed under the sun, and its contents come sprawling out into a pile of pleasing disarray.

This is my badge collection. Some are inherited from my sister, but I treasure every single badge in my box, because they each carry some kind of memory association, whether it with to a time, a place, an old friend, or a new friend. Many are souvenirs, a couple I found on the ground, some were gifts.

A close-up of a few of my favourites
My old-time favourite is the beautiful blue painted mask in the bottom left, which was a present to my sister from her friend. Since early childhood, I remember sneaking into my sister's room to take out her black box of badges (it was a watch box back then) to take out the mask and turn it over in my fingers, admiring its composure and elegance.

A badge with a lot of sentimental value for me is the white seal, also in the bottom left. My best friend and Wifey gave it to me in primary school, where I wore it on my jumper every day. It now lives in a special little blue box with a few bracelets and the treble clef, also presents from Wifey.

Of course, I also had to show you close-ups of my Pokemon and Zelda badges!

Saturday, 2 August 2014


38 swags
sadly the sides aren't quite so photogenic
My friend C came over earlier this week and because we're swag people we used up some of our swag making a super swag cake. But it's okay because we have loads of swag left because we are made of swag.

That is all.

Friday, 1 August 2014

"Clear the way for my crash-landing"

necklace: TK Maxx
top: M&S
skirt: Gok for Tu, Sainsbury's
sandals: Clark's

My mum's had these sandals for ages and I tried them on recently and found out that they now fit me! Now it's like I have a new pair of shoes. Anyway, here's that skirt I was on about before. The skirt's colour is darker than it should be and it doesn't have that sheen, but I still think it looks nice. I certainly wouldn't have bought it at full price but £10 I don't think was unreasonable. I'm not even wearing a petticoat under it, but it still has that awesome shape.
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